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The Kiss Klimt
The Kiss (Lovers) was painted by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt between 1907 and 1908, the highpoint of his "Golden Period", when he painted a number of works in a similar gilded style. A perfect square of landscape painting as background, the oil painting depicts a couple embracing, their bodies entwined in elaborate robes decorated in a style influenced by both linear constructs of the contemporary Art Nouveau style and the organic forms of the earlier Arts and Crafts movement. The Klimt painting is composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf, an aspect that gives it its strikingly modern, yet evocative appearance. The Kiss oil painting is now in the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in the Belvedere palace, Vienna, and is widely considered a masterpiece of the early modern period. It is a symbol of Vienna Jugendstil—Viennese Art Nouveau—and is considered Klimt's most popular work.
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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Le Baiser est un tableau du peintre autrichien Gustav Klimt réalisé de 1908 à 1909. Huile sur toile recouverte de feuilles d'or, elle est conservée au palais du Belvédère à Vienne. Cette œuvre fait partie du Cycle d'or de Klimt et elle est sûrement l'œuvre la plus célèbre du peintre autrichien. Probablement les modèles sont l'auteur lui-même et sa petite amie Emilie Flöge.
On peut apercevoir un homme embrassant une femme sur la joue. L'homme a des feuilles de lierre sur la tête et porte une robe jaune avec des formes rectangulaires, la femme porte des fleurs sur la tête ainsi que sur sa robe qui nous laisse apercevoir ses épaules,ses bras et ses jambes. Elle est accroupie sur ce qu'on dirait une falaise fleurie. Le fond rappelle la robe qu'il porte. Cette scène explique la complicité d'un baiser à travers une musique; nous aperçevons justement ce tableau d'une beauté divine tel Gustav Klimt l'a imaginé.
Der Kuss ist eines der bedeutenden Werke von Gustav Klimt und ebenso der Malerei des Jugendstils. Es gilt zudem als das bekannteste Gemälde des Malers, da es durch Reproduktionen in vielerlei Form weit verbreitet wurde. Klimt malte das Bild in der ersten Jahreshälfte 1908 und vollendete es 1909, einer Zeit, die als Klimts goldene Phase bezeichnet wird und aus der seine populärsten Arbeiten stammen. Ursprünglich hatte es den Titel Liebespaar und wurde in der Kunstschau 1908 vom damaligen kaiserlich-königlichen Ministerium für Kultur und Unterricht für die hohe Summe von 25.000 Kronen erworben und an die 1903 im Sommerschloss des Prinzen Eugen am Rennweg eingerichtete Neue Galerie (heute Österreichische Galerie Belvedere) übergeben.
《吻》(德语:Der Kuss)是奥地利象征主义画家古斯塔夫·克林姆的代表画作之一,是他在黄金时期所创作的作品,他在此时期常使用金箔来作画。《吻》是一幅正方形的画作,呈现出一对相拥在一起的恋人,他们的身体借由长袍缠绕在一起。这种表现手法同时受到同时期的新艺术运动及艺术与工艺美术运动的影响。古斯塔夫·克林姆在传统的油画上覆盖金箔,让画作的现代感更加突出。《吻》目前收藏在维也纳美景宫内的奥地利美景宫美术馆,被广泛的视为是20世纪早期的经典。《吻》是象征主义的代表作品اللوحات الفنية ,也是古斯塔夫·克林姆最受欢迎的作品。
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The Kiss Klimt

Austrian painter Gustav Klimt completed The Kiss painting portraits between 1907 and 1908. It was the most notable painting from his Golden Period, and is considered to be the most critically praised as The Last Supper and The Scream. The gilded style used for The Kiss Klimt was also used with many of his other works during the same period, so there is some continuity as he explored the style through his career. All things considered, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is considered a high point in his career. Yet it is a simple painting involving a couple kissing one another, with the main highlight being the artistic direction of how their bodies intertwine. The background also helps out a lot, as they seem to blend in and fully adopt the colors of the scenery around them as Iris Van Gogh and Starry Night Van Gogh. The Kiss Gustav Klimt took a lot of important steps in artistic direction that were both bold and rich in life. Something that was considered uncommon for the theme was the perfectly square canvas it was painted on. With some gentle nods to the Arts and Crafts movement, the painting became something special in the year it was introduced. Klimt The Kiss is available to view at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum located in Vienna. It’s one of the most visited works by any artist as salvador dali and pablo picasso that is on display at the location.
Gustav Klimt’s career revolved around his membership in the Vienna Secession movement, in which he was an important member of. Beyond normal works like The Kiss painting, Klimt was successful at sketches, murals and many other different types of oil paintings for sale. His mastery of any subject he pursued led to his name being known by many in and out of his circle. Although his interests were many, his main vision seemed to be the female body. This is what made Gustav Klimt Kiss so much more different than his other works, and art by henri matisse or marc chagall. Klimt believed in the methods used by Japanese art, and that may have influenced the final look of The Kiss painting. There was also his early work as an architectural decorator that really solidified some of the finer points in Klimt der kuss. It may have helped flesh out some of the extravagant garbs of the couple that was embracing one another in the painting, that's different with The Birth of Venus and Manet Olympia. Even with the reputation that Klimt had gained as creating overly-sensualized paintings, Gustav Klimt Kiss was a departure from that norm and something that he created with a lot of deep thought.
Kiss Painting

When comparing The Kiss Gustav Klimt to other paintings that he did throughout his career, there are some differences worth noting. Klimt had a reputation as andy warhol and jack vettriano for including eroticism in his work that went beyond what was considered acceptable for the era. Even with the nudity included in many paintings at the time, there was a considerable amount of difference in his vision between paintings like Water in Motion and The Kiss painting. In 1898, water in motion captured a lot of attention, and may have even been more of an eye opener than Judith and the Head of Holofernes. The Kiss Gustav Klimt captured a different part of the imagination of the famed artist as tamara de lempicka and edward hopper, one that people praised him for during the Golden Period. So when looking at the work he did from one decade to the next and comparing it to his older work, there is a noticeable shift in how the content is approached. Even with the change, Klimt didn’t lose his uniqueness, and it is the main reason he is memorable, even among the many great artists of all time like diego rivera and frida kahlo, roy lichtenstein. The small amounts of his style he chose to adapt for modern times didn’t take away from his overall presence, and in turn made him even more relevant as time went on. Klimt The Kiss will remain one of his greatest achievements as Picasso Guernica and Melting Clocks, but not the single most important part of his storied career.

The Kiss Klimt Analysis

Gustav Klimt The Kiss was done during a time where the artist was having a resurgence in his career. While technical style of the painting was similar to the others he was doing during that period, there was a very big difference in how the subjects in the painting were displayed as toperfect reviews. The couple in elaborate robes in the work was embracing one another, with their specific style being a nod to Art Nouveau. This was done intentionally, and the careful layers of gold leaf on the canvas gave off a very modern look, one that holds up well even by today’s standards to Persistence Of Memory and Dogs Playing Poker. The extra touches done to Klimt Kiss is excellent, showing off a very careful and experienced brush. The painting is a very important part of Vienna history, and even more important for the Viennese Art Nouveau, so there is a good chance that Klimt meant for the painting to show off the technical superiority of the movement in toperfect.com reviews & complaints. That would explain the very simple context of The Kiss painting, which goes away from the sometimes complex meanings of other paintings in the same period. It also points to a very interesting time in Klimt’s life, as he was 45 and still living at home with his family, a mother and two unmarried sisters. Gustav Klimt Kiss may have been his new feelings about love, ones that completely dissolved his former reputation for having a large appetite for women.

Klimt The Kiss

The Kiss Painting Meaning

Since this was painted after his Vienna Ceiling series like Creation of Adam, where many were critical of its over sexualized nature, Klimt went in a completely different direction. The Kiss is everything that his former series was not, and was a better view into his heart as a man. Fashion designer Emilie Louise Flöge was possibly the model for the woman in the painting while Klimt was the man. This would point to the outward feelings that the two had for one another, as Flöge was a known companion of Klimt as toperfect.com reviews. To add to the story, Klimt der kuss could also be an alternative representation of when Apollo kissed Daphne in the Ovid narrative.

Kiss Painting By Other Painters

Finding The Kiss painting is something that a lot of interested buyers have found to be a challenge. There is a very specific feeling that went into the original and is hard to recapture without the right artist as norman rockwell or joan miro. Reproductions have done a good job of capturing the moment correctly, and all without losing the luster of the original. Like all good art, The Kiss painting by other painters done right will stop most people in their steps. The original was big, but more importantly, the gold in the painting really popped and showed off impressive visuals. Klimt didn’t hold back from any of the eye candy, and mixed extravagant garbs, flowers and other objects in the painting to show the richness of the colors as Van Gogh Sunflowers and Monet Water Lilies. In 2013 it was reproduced by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam, although not in a conventional way. An image of the painting was superimposed onto a building in order to talk against the war. Even as a political point, and not in its original fashion, The Kiss painting gained relevance with people that were not familiar with the original. Not long after that people began to have a renewed interest in The Kiss painting like Van Gogh Self Portrait and Girl With A Pearl Earring, but with an eye on artists that were able to nail the visuals of the original. Getting the scale right wasn’t the only important thing with this painting, as the colors had to be natural enough to compete with the original.
The Kiss Gustav Klimt

Reproductions were very good at capturing that magical moment, and some critics have even argued that The Kiss is more visually pleasing than the Mona Lisa. In terms of display and reproduction quality, when looking at the settings in which The Kiss would fit in, the Mona Lisa argument makes a lot of sense. That means that in most places, The Kiss painting is more valuable than Cafe Terrace at Night reproductions. That’s a big deal, even for buyers that aren’t avid collectors. There is a massive visual appeal to the painting that is hard to deny, and as time goes on fewer artists worldwide are able to reproduce the same atmosphere that Klimt was going for. Even if the original is valued at over one hundred million, the reproductions have a very high standard that continues to grow in value. The Kiss painting has been used as decorations for businesses, restaurants, homes, given as gifts and even shown in modern media. It still ranks as one of the most popular artworks paintings in the world, and is the most requested work when naming Klimt as an artist. Klimt der kuss has also inspired other artist’s works, and they have done similar paintings in the vein of The Kiss. These paintings by other artists don’t hide their inspiration, as it is an honorable nod to a great artist like rene magritte and possibly his greatest creation. So if a good reproduction of the original painting is up for sale, it’s usually a must have work for fans of Gustav Klimt.

More Information about The Kiss Klimt

It was painted soon after his three-part Vienna Ceiling series which created a scandal and were criticized as both 'pornography' and evidence of 'perverted excess'. The works had recast the artist as an enfant terrible for his anti-authoritarian and anti-popularist views on art. He wrote, "If you can not please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few". By contrast, The Kiss Klimt was enthusiastically received, and immediately found a buyer.

The Kiss Painting

Klimt depicts the couple locked in intimacy, while the rest of the painting dissolves into shimmering, extravagant flat pattern. The patterning suggests the style of Art Nouveau and the organic forms of the Arts and Crafts movement. At the same time the background evokes the conflict between two- and three-dimensionality intrinsic to the work of Degas and other works like Impression Sunrise or Liberty Leading the People. Paintings such as Kiss Painting were visual manifestations of fin-de-siecle spirit because they capture a decadence conveyed by opulent and sensuous images. The use of gold leaf recalls medieval "gold-ground" paintings and illuminated manuscripts, and earlier mosaics, and the spiral patterns in the clothes recall Bronze Age art and the decorative tendrils seen in Western art since before classical times. The man's head ends very close to the top of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, a departure from traditional Western canons that reflects the influence of Japanese prints, as does the very simplified composition rather than Las Meninas and Rembrandt Night Watch. The two figures are situated at the edge of a patch of flowery meadow. The man wears a robe with black and white rectangles irregularly placed on gold leaf decorated with spirals. He wears a crown of vines while the woman is shown in a tight-fitting dress with flower-like round or oval motifs on a background of parallel wavy lines. Her hair is sprinkled with flowers and is worn in a fashionable upsweep; it forms a halo-like circle that highlights her face, and is continued under her chin by what seems to be a necklace of flowers. Similarly juxtaposed couples appear in both Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze and Stoclet Frieze.
It is thought that Klimt and his companion Emilie Flöge modeled for Klimt The Kiss. but there is no evidence or record to prove this. Others suggest the female was the model known as 'Red Hilda', unlike Primavera Botticelli; she bears strong resemblance to the model in his Woman with feather boa, Goldfish and Danaë. Klimt's use of gold was inspired by a trip he had made to Italy in 1903. When he visited Ravenna he saw the Byzantine mosaics in the Church of San Vitale. For Klimt the flatness of the mosaics and their lack of perspective and depth only enhanced their golden brilliance, and he started to make unprecedented use of gold and silver leaf in his own work.
Gustav Klimt Kiss

It has also been argued that in The Kiss Painting Klimt represented the moment Apollo kisses Daphne, following the metamorphosis of Ovid narrative
Klimt Der Kuss
Das Werk gehört in eine Phase von Klimts Schaffen, welche die „Goldene Periode“ genannt wird, weil der Künstler in dieser Zeit besonders ausgeprägt von Goldfarben Gebrauch machte. Die Popularität der Bilder jener Zeit mag mit der Verwendung der Goldbronze zusammenhängen. Diese ruft magische, religiöse Assoziationen ebenso hervor, wie solche von schierem materiellen Wert, von Kostbarkeit. Vorbilder sind in der byzantinischen Malerei zu finden, die Klimt bei einer Reise in Ravenna studierte.
Kunstgeschichtlich fällt das Werk in die Zeit des Jugendstils, der in Österreich durch die Wiener Secession eine besondere Prägung gefunden hatte, die maßgeblich von Klimt beeinflusst war. Dessen kunsthandwerkliche Ausbildung fand Eingang in die Stilelemente der dekorativen Malerei, Natursymbole, schmückende Linien, florale und geometrische Formen wurden zum eigenständigen Ausdruck und richteten sich gegen die als starr empfundene historisierende Kunstauffassung. Gesellschaftsgeschichtlich war es die Zeit der Belle Époque, in der im europäischen Raum das Bürgertum zu Freiheit und Reichtum gelangte, mit der Industrialisierung allerdings auch eine kulturelle Verarmung befürchtet wurde. In diese als materialistisch bezeichnete Gesellschaft transportierte Gustav Klimt „das Pathos einer hochqualifizierten Ornamentik, deren Pracht das eigentlich tragende Element seines Idealismus bildete“.

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